Ads Not Showing


  Instructions on leaving feedback below if the advert is not appearing

STEP 1. Click HERE

STEP 2. Click Show Ad like in the example below:

STEP 3. Scroll down until you see our advertisement on your Facebook feed. (If you use ad blocking software temporary disable it.)

Save the video as shown below:

STEP 4. Click HERE from a computer and find our advertisement below saved videos. It will look something like this:


STEP 5. Briefly describe the most positive aspect of speaking to our customer happiness team & submit.
STEP 6. Send us a screenshot confirmation.

Leave feedback here:

(If you cannot find our advertisement immediately you might have to wait for 48h for it to appear. Please note that the feedback must be submitted via the link above.) 
If you have any questions about this or anything else feel free to reach out to us at


*This does not affect any of your consumer rights. You will still be eligible for any replacements or refunds you may request on all of your orders under our 30-day money-back guarantee.