LightLash™ Adhesive Eyeliner & Lashes Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the Insta-Liner™ Adhesive Eyeliner & Lash Kit last?
The 2 ml adhesive eyeliner can last up to 60+ applications, however this depends on how thick the eyeliner is applied. You should make sure to also clean the tip every 3-5 uses. Lashes included in the Kit can be re-used multiple times, depending on how they worn and looked after post use. To extend life of lashes, avoid putting mascara on the false lashes and clean post use with a cotton bud and make up remover, allow to dry and store in tray provided after use.

Are the  Insta-Liner™ Adhesive Eyeliner & Lash Kits cruelty free & vegan?

Does the Insta-Liner™ Adhesive Eyeliner & Lash Kits contain latex?
No, all products in the LightLash™ range does not contain latex.

Is the Insta-Liner™ Adhesive Eyeliner safe for eyes?
Here at LightLash™ we put customer safety first. All of our products ingredients have conducted relevant testing in order to comply with EU & UK regularity standards. Patch test prior to use is recommended to determine any sensitivity. Do not use if any irritation occurs. Avoid direct contact with eyes and contact lenses. In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with water.

Can the Insta-Liner™ Eyeliner be worn over eye shadow?
Yes, follow the 2nd application method here.

Can the Insta-Liner™ Adhesive Eyeliner be used with other strip lashes?
Yes, the Insta-Liner Eyeliner has adhesive properties and can technically be used with any strip lashes.

Is the Insta-Liner™ Adhesive Eyeliner waterproof?
Yes the eyeliner is water & smudge proof.

How do I remover the Insta-Liner™ Adhesive Eyeliner & Lashes?
To remove Insta-Liner™ Adhesive Eyeliner & Lashes detach your false lashes slowly from the outer corners. No sticky glue means no ripped out eyelashes and easy removal! You can use Micellar water with a cotton pad to wipe away the adhesive after use.

How is the Insta-Liner™ Eyeliner different to Magnetising Eyeliners?
Magnetising Eyeliner & Lash system uses magnetic technology, with a liquid eyeliner containing abrasive metal particles used in conjunction with Magnetic Lashes that have small magnets glued to them. 

The Insta-Liner™ Eyeliner won't cause irritated skin as it does not contain metal particles. Insta-Liner uses adhesive pen eyeliner technology and strip lashes.

Our lashes don't contain magnets so they will look seamless and won't be as heavy. Simply apply the Insta-Liner™ eyeliner along top of lash line and press strip lashes on top for instant application.


Why are my lashes not sticking to the eyeliner?
Consider the following:

  • Ensure your eye is cleansed before applying the liner and ensure there is no oiliness on your eyelid from products such as makeup removers, moistures as this effects how the liner will set on the eye. If your eyelids are prone to getting oily, it is recommended that you use a concealer and or powder to set the eyelids to prolong the eyeliner staying on.
  • Once the Insta-Liner™ Adhesive Eyeliner has been applied, make sure to give the eyeliner enough time to set. This usually takes just under a minute. The formula is designed to dry swiftly but if you apply the lashes too quickly they won't hold.
  • A thicker line is recommended especially in the inner and outer corners of the eyes to ensure there is enough room for the strip lashes to adhere to the eyeliner.
  • Prior to applying the Insta-Liner™ Adhesive Eyeliner, bend the lashes to create more of a curve in line with your eyelid shape. This will allow the lash to site better along the eye curve.
  • We recommend taking the Insta-Liner™ Adhesive Eyeliner in your handbag for touch-ups especially during prolonged wear and during summertime.

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